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  • 1 August 2017

    Commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the heroic Polish struggle for Warsaw in 1944, Ambassador Piotr Wilczek spoke with award winning journalist Rita Cosby on WABC radio and published an article in The National Interest about the significance of this historical event.

    During his radio interview with Rita Cosby, whose father Ryszard Kossobudzki partook in the Uprising, Ambassador Wilczek recalled the history of the heroic fighting that took place in Warsaw during the 1944 Uprising. In this context, the Ambassador emphasized the meaning of that fact that during his recent visit to Poland, President Donald Trump specifically selected the Warsaw Uprising Monument as the site of his first public speech to the Polish people.


    “For the first time in history, a US President has spoken in this place. (President Donald Trump) came to Warsaw to underscore the heroism of the Polish people. This was a very symbolic and important moment in Polish history” said Ambassador Wilczek.


    Commenting on Polish-American relations, the Ambassador noted the centuries long struggle for independence that unite our two nations. Heroes of both nations such as General Casimir Pulaski and General Thaddeus Kosciuszko are shining examples of sacrifice in the name of freedom. As the Ambassador asserted, the Warsaw Uprising should also be seen as such an example: “You should fight for freedom and independence of our country at any cost.”



    In his article entitled, “How the Warsaw Uprising Challenged and Changed Poland” which was published in The National Interest, Ambassador Wilczek made clear that the ideals of fighting for freedom and defending the values of Western civilization are present to this day. Poland and the United States, including within the NATO framework, stand in defense of fundamental values by engaging in the fight against Islamic terrorism and opposing the occupation of Ukraine. Poland remains loyal to the values for which so many fought for during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.


    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC

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